FIT Program

Is the stress of money worries getting to you?

The kind of stress that keeps you up at night, worried and fearful then you’re grumpy as all heck the next day. Do you find yourself constantly nagging the family because the money just seems to disappear! Everyone wants something and it seems the only answer is to ‘’swipe the card’’ yet again.

You’d really like to get your money situation on track and your debts under control.

Is this you and your cash flow?

* You don’t have any structure for managing your money – it’s all a bit hit and miss.

* Your debts seem to be increasing even though you make all your repayments…

* You’re working hard and long hours yet your money situation is going downhill

* There’s never enough time or energy to sort out this money stuff

* There never seems to be enough for all the things you really want

* You know you could be doing better yet you don’t know where to start

Flair $ FIT  Program is ideal for you to help you:

* Manage your money effectively

* Stick to a weekly budget

* Know all your expenses are covered

* Start building your savings

* Reduce your debts

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This program is only for you if:

1/ You’re serious about changing your money situation

2/ You’re in full time employment

3/ You are prepared to be challenged on the path to less money worries!