First Home Buyers

Flair's 1st Home Buyer Program is ideal for you

Imagining yourself in a brand new home is like a dream come true yet you wonder if it’s really possible.

You’re probably wondering

  • Is it the right time to buy?
  • Should we buy a new home or an existing one?
  • How much do we need to save up first?
  • What if the bank doesn’t approve our loan?
  • You’re living pay check to pay check, what now?
  • What if I lose my job?

So many concerns – that kind of stress really sux!

Ditch the confusion, get sorted and in a position where the banks will be throwing money at you for that dream home.

Is this you?

  • You’ve been working towards buying for ages but never seem to get there
  • You don’t have any structure for managing your money – it’s all a bit hit and miss
  • Your savings are not growing like you planned
  • You want to plan for the unexpected things – especially when you’re the homeowner
  • You know deep down that if your pay check were to stop, your financial world would fall apart
  • You want the right answers to all your questions about buying and financing property

Flair’s 1st Home Buyer Program is ideal for you

Together we will

  • Find extra money in your budget
  • Tone up any weaknesses in your budget planning that you may have
  • Automate your money – so you know exactly where you stand day by day
  • Put safety nets in place just in case the worst happens
  • Regular reviews and check-ups to keep you on target to your goals
  • Get your home loan approved into your new home!

Call Ivy today 0415 990 832 for a complimentary chat.

This plan is only for you if:

1/ You’re serious about getting into property

2/ You’re in full time employment

3/ You’re prepared to be challenged  (to get that dream happening of course)